Lace off KM, and yes I rib!

A few hours short of April Fool’s day the shawl is off the KM. This is it in its unblocked state. I am headed for the west coast for more than a week so any “surprises”  possibly revealed in blocking will wait until then. Perhaps I will also be “recovered” from the experience enough to work on a second piece, in a different color.  I tend to make one of a kind or limited edition items. So much time is spent in working out the issues in the pieces, that it is great to be able to use the patterns more than once.

On a totally different topic brioche patterned stitches have been discussed on one of the lists I belong to. Here is food for thought for those of you that follow me until I return. I actually resurrected my brother ribber from mothballs to double check my information (should be doing laundry …). The card is used double length throughout. Cast on in your favorite method.  “Memorize” first row of pattern, set card to advance EOR, set KC to tuck in both directions, set RC (ribber carriage) for normal knitting throughout. This is a racked pattern. The numbers to the right of the card are for the racking position on each visible row (takes into consideration your eyes can view card 7 rows above card reader teeth). These markings will help prevent errors in long pieces or avoid confusion if knitting is interrupted for any length of time. The fabric is reversible, creating a textured checkerboard. For added interest and a color version, change color every 2 rows. I used this design in a line of “manly scarves” years ago. The repeat may be adapted for use on any KM.

the resulting fabric a 2 color reversible relative of the card, showing both sides of fabric