Mosaics and mazes from “FI” “universal” patterns

Many punchcards that obey the usual restrictions for tuck in particular may be used to create “random” mazes and mosaics. Test swatches will show differences in surface texture, patterning, width and height of knit, and it is useful to use clearly contrasting colors to study how the structure of the fabric is affected by the different techniques. One series follows: swatches were knit as a class demo, for easy visibility, not as studies for finished garments or accessories. They were produces on Brother punchcard KMs, with a single bed color changer. Electronic KMs advance a row for each pass of the carriage regardless of its beginning position/side, so such fabrics are produced more quickly and easily if an electronic and 2 compatible carriages are available for use. Yet another pattern variation would be to use opposing buttons for tuck/slip, that was not done in the samples below.

FI pattern front with a bit of bleed through where floats were hung up on back

FI back

tuck 1 color front

tuck 1 color back

slip 1 color front

slip 1 color back with a few stitches that got away

tuck 2 color front

2color tuck back

slip 2 color front

slip 2 color back

last but not least slip stitch adding a third color front, still changing colors every 2 rows

slip stitch 3 color back