Mosaics and Mazes: Hand Knitting

Interweave knits (HK) offers 2 events a year in their KnittingLab per year, and they are upcoming in the next couple of months. Of late in print, runway, and online another fabric getting lots of attention is that created by knit mosaics and mazes. A workshop is offered by Interweave at their seminars. Some books on the subject include

the standard (some samples may be seen here)

while crochet is getting nearly equal time including several publications such as this at Annie’s Attic

and writings and DVDs by Lili Chin including through Interweave

The hand knit versions incorporate garter rows, crochet working through posts, and there is interesting surface textural variation in addition to the overall patterning. Choices may be made for using the technique in seamless 2 color  pattern fields, in bands, trims, or all over designs. One may add striping within either color. In hand knitting purl stitches may also be added to the mix. Of course then the question follows: can these be done on the knitting machine?

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