Color reduction/conversions, Mac Os

A recent forum post brought up the question that rises periodically on how to reduce colors in photographs, scans, etc. so as to be able to in turn use the image in a low resolution medium such as knit. There are very many ways to achieve this. The post had specifically asked for low cost or free alternatives using Mac software, so I began playing, and compiled the following document detailing some of my process, addressing large scale, non repetitive images in Color reductions for knitting. The document samples were simple, straightforward conversions, with no further “tweaking”.

Mac Os: iPhoto, Preview, further software downloads:

Free:  img2trak, HyperDither, XnConvert

99 cents One bit Camera
an option for Mac users, Bitcam

Free to try, $39.95 to buy GraphicConverter, the developer site
diffusion, halftone, pattern, customA tutorial for owners of Photoshop   diffusion, halftone, pattern, customWith thanks to my test subjects: RoccoOne bit camera and my sofa fabric


An online service that will do the conversion for you: Knitpro, and a free service githubMay 2019: ditherlicious

A later post on the topic, showing the many faces of Rocco