Brother_Passap: traveling between brands


This is the start of a new spreadsheet with between brands vocabulary. I will edit and replace information throughout the post as time allows 

A previous post on yarns info included these guidelines provided for knitting using Jaggerspun yarns. I have no affiliation with the company. I do still continue to use some of their “lines” and have a great appreciation for all their yarns. I obtained permission from the company to share content. The bottom 2 yarns, superfine merino, and zephyr wool silk are both 2/18.Joella Knitworks was a publication in the 90s on Passap knitting. A Ravelry question back in 2014 led me to dig up a copy of an article I wrote for the newsletter in 1998 on using tech 129 for adapting Japanese patterns for use on Passap, shared as a pdf, offered here as images

Brother dbj ribber settings

Two of my former  handouts on Passap lock settings and techniquesThere are interesting differences between needle hook sizes that many of us experience or guess at when not obvious. This was shared by a PassapKnits member, “DT”, last October. I am sharing his observations here with his permission. The group has now moved from Yahoo, offers a wealth of information on Passap knitting machines