Drat it aka “figlet” moments: knit leader mylar sheets +

Such moments may well have to be a new blog topic. In the hope of actually soon having enough time to return to knitting on a more regular basis, I have been reorganizing my supplies. This can be a good thing. I have “found” missing ribber comb wires, tools I had forgotten about, have drawer units that are helping with organization of all the “stuff”,  and that for a while will be contributing to my having to make regular searches for all sorts of things. Then there were all those mylar sheets for knit leaders with garment shapes on them for pieces I cannot even remember making with lovely multi colored lines all over them. One in particular had very fine lines, I guessed perhaps from ink other than that in my go to water soluble pens, so I thought to give removal a shot with some alcohol. Hence a warning: the lines did not disappear on the “outside”, so I flipped the darn sheet over to give erasing a shot on its reverse side and discovered quickly by the lovely blue on the cloth that the measurement grid was quickly and completely removed in any area touched by the alcohol. Another lesson learned. Perhaps an earlier one of great benefit might have been not to wait decades to erase knit leader mylar sheets, no matter what the marking tool as I now explore ” would I ever make this shape once again, ever?” and “what will take these lines off?” on other sheets.

Previously captured and “found” while exploring text issues in earlier posts, is now fondly remembered and shared

at 60 inch length of a lace shawl

6 thoughts on “Drat it aka “figlet” moments: knit leader mylar sheets +”

  1. beware of strong solvents on ancient plastics. I was able to remove nearly all marks. It was when I tried to remove a ghost thinking I might have marked the sheet on the reverse that the alcohol instantly removed the grid that serves as a guide to drawing shapes on the “public” side of the sheet. I meant sharing the fact to help others avoid the same issue on mylars that may be hard to find or excessively costly.

  2. Lighter fluid will erase permanent marker…if that is still available; I haven’t tried on other types of marker. Would white board cleaner work?

  3. Not sure where you are, but in the US we have Magic Eraser sponges by Mr Clean. I found they worked to remove the ink but not the graph lines on my second hand mylar sheets.

  4. part of the process if one keeps knitting. I actually got to the point where I could sort out lace messes and unravel and rehang, maintaining the pattern. Another classic: I fully fashioned a dbj jacket, proceeded to sew sleeves onto armholes, doing an awesome, obsessive, neat job. Not until I was done and went to close up sides and sleeves did I notice that one sleeve was attached immaculately to the garment’s neckline!

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