More dragon scales and chevrons in ribbed, racked (4) fabrics

Over the years a variety of fabrics have been named dragon scales or crocodile stitch. Here dragon scales have referred to shapes created using a lace technique and resulting in a pattern such as this that was followed by hand knit samples and an investigation into possibly creating a ribber fabric with auto shaping resulting in … Continue reading More dragon scales and chevrons in ribbed, racked (4) fabrics

Hand knit “dragon scales”

A detail of half fisherman machine knit “dragon scales”  MK ribber version of stitch its related posts : My last experiments led to a search for a possible hand knit “scale” version. Similar shapes may be achieved through holding, but here the effect is created through the use of increases and decreases. The test … Continue reading Hand knit “dragon scales”

Machine knit “dragon scales” update

I had previously posted on an Armani inspired knit scale-like pattern  that sometimes was described online as a machine knit “crocodile stitch”. A fellow raveler just shared on her project page an interesting variation that includes variations in the scale of the scales themselves. All her transfers are made onto a single center point, eliminating the vertical separation that appears … Continue reading Machine knit “dragon scales” update

Single bed scales made with stitch transfers

In the past, I have explored several ways to knit scale-like fabrics aka dragon teeth/scales and a multitude of other names. My test swatches were created using racking, pattern repeats were provided for both punchcard and electronic machines. Some of the archived material: 2018/07/19/more scales and chevrons racked fabrics 4 2016/02/22/ hand knit dragon scales … Continue reading Single bed scales made with stitch transfers

The start of a blog index

WORK IN PROGRESS AYAB Revisiting Ayab_multiple colors per row DBJ 2 1/21 Drop stitch lace using Ayab software 2/ HOP  2/20 Revisiting Ayab_multiple colors per row DBJ  1/20 Ayab: short rows automated with slipstitch  5/18 Revisiting knitting with 2 carriages single bed, 910 vs Ayab so far  4/18 A Brother 910/ Ayab diary/ EMS kit … Continue reading The start of a blog index

Knitting with “unusual” fibers/ elastic 1

Decades ago UKI used to offer 92 colors in a 3M elastic, and for some time lots of folks were experimenting with using it as the second color in fair isle. A company now defunct called Impresario used to even sell pattern books for garments using the technique, with the no stretch ground yarns creating … Continue reading Knitting with “unusual” fibers/ elastic 1

A swatch experiment

A while ago the image of a sweater attributed to Armani caught my attention on Pinterest, and I became obsessed with creating a variant. Lace is actually an interesting 3D fabric until it is blocked and made to lie flat. I went the lace route to work out my “scales”. The swatch I created below is hand … Continue reading A swatch experiment