On two needles

This is my present HK project, another scarf. Stitch pattern blocks are broken up by rows of solid knit and solid purl alternately, giving the fabric a slightly “pleated” effect, different from the usual square block configurations. The yarn is 60% silk, 40% wool as the last lace HK, all wool would probably have a crisper wave effect. A trial cotton swatch flattened out almost completely.

wavy squares

I am able to get good edges on my HKs, tend to never use the method suggested by some of slipping the first stitch, knitting it only on alternate rows. Such an edging could be added if preferred.

the chart below is the working repeat

My intent is to end the scarf with a partial repeat followed by bind off as seen below

Getting there

I have been continuing to experiment with “automating” some version of the staggered leaf, and have reached a “final” punchcard version. Wanting to add a border top and bottom and getting the 2 ends to “match” without a center pivot point led to the resulting fabric below (swatch is not properly blocked).

The punchcard for the leaf pattern is over a 100 rows in length.

I actually had never purchase anything on ebay. The length of the card repeats I want to play with led to my looking for punchcard rolls. “Back in the day” the ones available were clear, and not numbered or marked in any way, a relative “pain” to use. Through an online search I found this item and purchased it. The order was filled very quickly.┬áThe roll is of sturdy stock, with Studio numbering so a bit of added markings are required for use on Brother KMs. I live in an area with no local suppliers for this sort of thing, buying directly from overseas was an option I had not considered before, and proved to be a positive experience for me.