Hound’s tooth FI variations

It appears hound’s teeth are turning up on runways everywhere, along with plaids. There are many variants of the pattern, and excel and other software programs make playing with motifs, literal and not so much, easy and quick studies. History of the particular platter may be found @ http://www.tess-elation.co.uk/houndstooth/history, analysis of the math involved: https://archive.bridgesmathart.org/2012/bridges2012-299.pdf

the Studio punchcard version the Brother version a more block-like one, similar to some found on woven fabrics a petite cousin  playing with the negative space (no longer suitable for punchcard)some repeats lined up some “doodles” of mine  from an online search adding simple shapes a weaving draft more weaving drafts, scaled for knitting, repeat isolated, and tiled for preview

color reversals

vertical pattern combo with other design, repeat is 8 rows by 47stsfrom a punchcard pattern book 

going large,28X2848 X 48going a little “crazy”, a 134 X134 pixel image, followed by tiling of it from a 3 color weaving draft inspiration



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