Brother_Passap: traveling between brands

This is the start of a new spreadsheet for between-brands vocabulary. The Brother stats in the spreadsheet below apply to 4.5 mm. standard machines punchcard from likely the 830 model and afterward, and electronic models that followed.

A previous post on yarns info¬†included these guidelines provided for knitting using Jaggerspun yarn. I have no affiliation with the company. I do still continue to use some of their “lines” and have a great appreciation for all their yarns. I obtained permission from the company to share content. The bottom 2 yarns,¬†superfine merino, and zephyr wool silk are both 2/18. Joella Knitworks was a publication in the 90s on Passap knitting. A Ravelry question back in 2014 led me to dig up a copy of an article I wrote for the newsletter in 1998 on using tech 129 for adapting Japanese patterns for use on Passap, shared as a pdf, offered here as images

Brother dbj ribber settings

Two of my former handouts on Passap lock settings and techniques ¬†There are interesting differences between needle hook sizes that many of us experience or guess at when not obvious. This was shared by a PassapKnits member, “DT”, last October. I am sharing his observations here with his permission. The group has now moved from Yahoo to, offers a wealth of information on Passap knitting machines A cross-brand guide from a long since out-of-print magazine, Machine Knitter’s Source


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