Knitting again, more block stitch, ribber clamp variants

Two more of my scarves, rayon chenille, knit single bed

still working out the last repeat, now double bed

more studies

the final scarf detail for fabric on bottom left knit in tencel and Nomi Lee, 8″ X 63″, + 4 ” i-cord fringe; a detail shot

and yet another variant, knit in alpaca/silk blend and Tencel, 9″ X 58″ + 4 ” i-cord fringe

A recent raverly post brought up the use for the brother double bed color changer, which may actually be used on both bulky machines and on standard ones. The placement for the setting plate needs to be swapped when switching from one gauge to another

The knob on the left under my text is what screws into place to anchor the setting place in either spot. There is no single bed color changer for the bulky. This color changer may be used to knit single bed fabrics as long as they are weighted enough (ribber cast on comb through waste yarn single bed), since there are no wheels and brushes on the ribber sinker plate. There are limits to the amount of texture one may create, and having the ribber engaged reduces visibility, but the trade off is speed. The 2 carriage trick on the 260 is a problem because the punchcard machines do not advance a row when the opposing carriage makes its first pass in the opposite direction of the last row knit.

And,  speaking of ribbers and clamps, not all clamps are created equal though they may appear to be doing their job until some attachments cause problems.

Studio (shorter) vs Brother in place

Brother standard on top of bulky clamp, its taller cousin

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