Drop stitch lace, 2 colors per row, Passap KM

A recent ravelry forum thread resulted in this response from me re drop stitch patterns with multiple colors per row:”some random thoughts on these techniques: they are often much easier on the Passap, particularly the E 6000 because the machine is capable of separating colors for techniques that would require software or lots of hand/brain work to be done manually and entered. The drawback is that the pattern books offer no explanations of the programmable techniques, simply offer a number to program to reproduce a specific illustration in their publication, and need to be analyzed by DIYers if one chooses to apply them to their own patterns. Sorting it all out can help reproduce the fabrics when using other KM brands. In the case of multiple color patterns: to retain some of the knit structure for each color accompanied by long stitches in the same color on any one row, some of the stitches need to knit only on the ribber or Passap back bed, with the alternating stitches in the same color dropping after they are knit on the patterning bed. One Passap built in technique that accomplishes this for 2 color work, with stitches dropped manually every 2 rows, is tech 185 for 2 cols, or (I believe) 117 for color separated and entered 3+4 color work.┬áIn tech 185 when combining the technique with a stitch pattern, the white squares for each design row K1R, skip 3, the black squares slip for 2R, K1R, skip one, with each 2 col row expanding into 4. Stitches are picked up on patterning bed EOR (odd #), not on even, resulting in both knit and dropped stitches in each color, in pattern. The rows where no needles are selected may be the place to drop stitches on brother machines manually and then returning them to same position on needle bed before continuing to knit. Studio KMs had a slider that may help with the technique, and Passap a carpet/ stitch ditcher tool. Passap knitters: see summer fair isle pp 41-43 E6000 pattern book for illustrations of some 2 col per design row stitch patterns…I am guessing also that separating colors for selective stitch dropping can help where one wants to retain some stitches while dropping others in that same row using pusher selection selectively (such as in the superba inspired bubble sample), will share if/when I have time to play with the ideas.”

Below is a quick sample illustrating the technique: the fabric was pressed, had been much more textured prior to doing so, and is shown in sideways format; casting on and binding off would have to be considered in planning an actual fabric, as the patterned portion is a very different width than simple stocking stitch in same yarn

the Passap repeat

purl side

knit side

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