Revisiting knit graph papers, charting, row tracking, and more

DIY proportioned charts may be created using spreadsheet programs. I began to use Excel for charting in 2009 and continued to in nearly all the colored charts in my color separations for knits posts up to my latest computer upgrade. I now no longer have access to Office and work primarily in native Mac OS programs. I reviewed links for working with Excel for this post, and these are still live in 2024

one for google sheets:

my early posts on working with numbers with some edits

Punchcard design planning, new: these are not to scale but can serve as a base for planning repeats on paper, may print to size with some tweaking by splitting on more than one page. The first sheet is marked as a Brother factory blank single card, the second has the same markings as the roll I purchased as a “Brother one”, which has row # 1 markings for Studio kms, so Brother knitters need to begin knitting on row # 3 punchcards.

I have revised the nearly-to-scale template from a previous post; the first is not for a full card but is designed to fit on one sheet. There are 36 rows/ 180 mm high, by 108 mm wide, of prints to scale on my printer. It is bordered in blocks of 6, with no row numbers: scale no numbers.  A second document includes an added 6 rows, brother numbers row markings on the right, and a column for notes such as lace arrow marks, etc, prints to scale on my printer scale card extra2

It is sometimes helpful to have help in tracking information for actions to be taken on specific rows ie for increases or decreases during knitting on specific rows, or for lock/carriage setting changes in more complex double jacquard (DBJ). Going the printed paper route, this PDF  tracks single rows, every 2, every 4, every 6, and every 8 for tracking such instructions on individual pages. They have enough blank area left to write in pattern name, stitch, cam settings, stitch size, yarn, etc. It may be helpful to include short clippings of the fiber used. Each page may be printed separately, with printer adjustments made if required with your software: tracking rows

Some rib setup with room for notes, in both P and H settings

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