Daisyknits Brother compatibility charts and history

The website http://www.daisyknits.com/ is no longer available but can be found using https://web.archive.org/web/20160325002440/http://www.daisyknits.com/bcompatibility.htm.  I have written an email asking for permission to share the information below several weeks ago, and have not received a response. The data gathered is highly valuable, I am sharing it here exactly as it was presented in 2008 and 2007 by its author

Addendum: this information is from a Chinese commercial site, not fact-checked or edited in any way For Silver Reed and more, see knitting-machine-history-and-information-silver-reed/

5 thoughts on “Daisyknits Brother compatibility charts and history”

  1. Thank you for making these available, but there is a typo in relation to the KH-830. Both charts say that it cannot do lace, but it actually comes with a lace carriage, 6 lace punchcards and instructions for using them.

  2. I did not receive a reply when I tried contacting Daisyknits. If there is any objection voiced by the author at any time of my share here I will act accordingly. I am sorry to hear of any health concerns, hope they get resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  3. Thanks for posting this – I did query Daisyknits in August and was told there were health issues, hence the website being down. It was indicated that it was temporary.

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