From hand knit lace chart to punchcard 2

Following up on the previous post, from-hand-knit-lace-chart-to-punchcard-1, a 24 stitch chart with marked in symbols for conversion to MK repeat: a 24 stitch chart with marked in symbols an isolated repeat segment worked out on a striped template after choosing and marking the transfer direction of the eyelets on the original, green for to the left, yellow for to the right,  marking lace transfers rows for a partial card segment,  the numbers on the left reflect LC passes and their direction is marked by arrows, the numbers on the far right reflect those indicated on a factory-issued blank card, being selected seven rows below eye level by the reader.
DIY offers the opportunity for extending designs, here another lace transfer segment is added, a card would repeat the design twice in width, and twice in height, again showing the shift necessary when marking rows for cards,  The full punchcard for the elongated repeat, with a punching error marked by the red spot, also used to indicate the corresponding spot for the transfer error in that needle spot on the corresponding swatch

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