Lace mesh motif charting_ Mac Numbers_ a touch of Excel

This lace “separation” for a mesh motif was created using Mac Numbers, for use on ane Brother knitting machine, with Lace Carriage on the left side, the final design requires 4 passes by the lace carriage followed by 2 rows of plain knit throughout. Similar results may be achieved even simply using color pencils and graph paper.

hand-knit motif inspiration

assigning colors/ coding direction of transfers

splitting rows

copy and paste above in a “blank” part of spreadsheet creating a new table; resize cells by selecting all in the new table, and clicking/ dragging on the bottom line of any of the grey, numbered row cells on left to number/ measurements of cells in the original document. Release the mouse, and all cells will be uniform in size. Note: on first and all odd rows colors occur, but no symbols. On even rows, there are both colors and symbols. On odd rows (no symbols) now “erase” the green, on even (symbols) erase the red, results below,  on the right

mark outside of motif on the above right with a third color, beginning on the second row; cut and paste complete motif in a “clean area of your sheet so it is surrounded by blank space, this will save a lot of “erasing” (technically this creates a new table)

select and copy blank rows as wide as your motif (blue outline on left)

click on 3rd color square beginning at the bottom left, use insert copied rows command, adding 2 blank rows between pairs of rows that will become markings for lace transfers,  moving up the design, ending with 2 blank rows as well

the resulting “separated” mesh repeat, now 92 rows long:  spacing between repeats and number of knit rows at its top may be adjusted to suit preference/ taste. Red and green squares are what is punched, or black squares on mylar sheet, etc. Note: red containing rows have no symbols now, while green ones still do, another visual check

with repeats this long, it is worth marking up the final  template like that encountered on the card or mylar as described in previous posts: a pdf tree_lace for downloading and marking to suit, depending on mylar sheet or punchcard use

the resulting swatch

some added notes: I own 2 Brother 910s, one I can safely categorize as cranky. It took using the same mylar on my less temperamental machine to get accurate and consistent patterning for my test swatch. Mis patterning can be due to a large number of causes, enough to warrant a separate post at some point

the full repeat could be used singly, to create a border, or to become a  part of a much larger one 

same motif in excel

any change to repasted motif affects the whole document in that area, unlike as in creating a new table in numbers as I recently “discovered” (a very convenient difference)

to elongate the design,  so far my solution has been to mark as above, click on third color cells on the left, beginning at the bottom, then using the insert row command. Doing so yields results that can be seen in the partially expanded chart below

the remaining process may be carried out, using slightly different tools to achieve the same results.

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