A no longer “mystery pattern”

A Ravelry post shared a Knittax pattern for this stitch and was followed up by my first, untested interpretation of the repeat here the center stitch selection in the center of knit blocks is eliminated partial repeat for punchcards electronic repeat X 2reviewing the idea after a few days I realized the repeat should be edited; orange squares need to be knit stitches  Slip <-> creates floats to be hung on center non selected needles of blocks of 5. Before the next row is knit, bring that needle out to hold to insure groups of loops in the needle hook will knit off with the next carriage pass.

When I sampled this repeat, I decided three all knit rows between loops were too many, and this became my final repeat, tiled X 4 (suitable for punchcard)multiple tuck loops, side by side do not even stay in the hooks slip stitch sample, purl side a bit closer,  knit side

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