Foreign language machine knitting youtube channels

I am sharing some online foreign language video channels that offer, in my opinion, a huge variety of topics in their content with the possibility upon its viewing of being inspired, learning techniques and new ways to use tools, often with subtitles or even with no need for them or spoken language because of clarity in the material presented:

English: a treasure trove of techniques and repair videos across a huge range of KM brands theanwerladyknits 

Italian: Ortenzia Renza Menciotti

Japanese: knitlabo 

Portuguese: Isatrico

Spanish: Knit Studium

Hindi: Kritica creation, Gaura Knitting Classes

2 thoughts on “Foreign language machine knitting youtube channels”

  1. Hello alessandrina!

    The link to the Spanish videos is not correct, the language used in that channel is Portuguese.

    I am the blogger of the blog and YouTube channel of that are in Spanish

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