Felting experiments


I still have a stash of swatches from my teaching days. They range from good to bad, ugly, and do not do this,  covered the cork walls in my studio to provide a range of ideas so that each student could draw from them what they wished.
I am not including measurements or fretting about whether photos imply an accurate scale. The collection over time.

More samples in Revisiting fair isle, thread lace, 3D surface potential

Combining yarns with different properties and stitch types while knitting on a fixed number of needles  When one yarn felts the other does not: the brown is cotton, the taller stripes on the right are knit in stocking stitch, and the shorter are knit in tuck stitch, both creating dense gathers fair isle, wool and rayon/cotton slub  Fair isle on the right, thread lace on the left with floats cut to release the shapes created by the slub yarn

Slip stitch patterning Cutting into felted knit results in stable ribbons of fabric 
Shibori techniques 

A purchased woven insert joined during the knitting of the piece  
Sewing machine involved in the process:
stitched-on crochet after felting, followed by trimming the opening on the reverse.

This mimics a woven fabric “chenille” technique, for sewing how to see https://sewguide.com/faux-chenille-fabric-slashing/

Needle felting 
Using the ribber: drop stitch in the dark cotton An attempt at carpet stitch, on Passap (grey), and in turn on Brother (green). The method creates a loose-knit, both versions were lightly felted to compensate, the Brother fabric stayed unacceptably so and will definitely be the only one-off ever  Applique using leather glue  

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