Revisiting knit “bubbles” brother KM

Sometimes months or even years go by before I revisit previous posts. As I review the information, it may occur to me to think about it further, and /or to present it in a slightly different way. I find it hard to believe how much time has passed since 2013/09/06/more-knit-bubbles/ got published.  Here is another … Continue reading Revisiting knit “bubbles” brother KM

“Camino” bubbles, hand knit

I was written an email asking about the possibility of creating bubbles in hand knitting, this is my attempt, may serve as a starting point for DIY. Below a small sample serves as an illustration of my first attempt. It was knit in acrylic,  steamed to the point of death, but shows the type of … Continue reading “Camino” bubbles, hand knit

A bubbles cousin

This is a Superba drop stitch fabric, using the same principles as those in the last post, with a rib stitch outlining the alternating drop stitch shapes on the purl side directions from the manual In my knit sample the ribber does all the knitting every row and patterning is accomplished on the main bed, … Continue reading A bubbles cousin

More knit bubbles

The topic of “those bubbles” has recently turned up again on Ravelry, where another forum member (Tanya /It makesyousmile) had come across a Russian video by Anna Kovin, with results that closely resembled those in the blue sweater and blankets pictured in my previous post, and poses a great solution for knitting the alternating, the same … Continue reading More knit bubbles

Knit bubbles and “stitch ditchers/dumpers”

I encountered a photo of a commercial sweater not too long ago while knit surfing the web and a bubble blanket available at Nordstrom’s during 2012 I had already been considering laces other than transfer ones for yarns that have been too crotchety to knit in that particular technique, and my Passap has been knitting … Continue reading Knit bubbles and “stitch ditchers/dumpers”

Recipes for rib jacquard fabrics: E6000, Brother

Anyone reading my blog is likely familiar with my selection of topics based on the latest rabbit hole to attract my attention and elicit a leap on my part, a derailment of sorts. Supplements to the manual were published when the model first became available. Duet often offered very valuable tables, ie an electronic pattern … Continue reading Recipes for rib jacquard fabrics: E6000, Brother

Multiple color drop stitch lace using img2track and more

WORK IN PROGRESS There are many fabrics where samples may be knit using the proper color separation and released just prior to binding off. Samples and designs may be found in several of my previous posts. End release is a possibility depending on how the repeat is programmed but does not always produce good results. … Continue reading Multiple color drop stitch lace using img2track and more

The start of a blog index

WORK IN PROGRESS BUTTONHOLES: also see SEAMING, JOINING, FINISHING Long vertical button holes/ slits in knit fabric 1: intarsia 10/22 More “buttonholes” and slits 10/22 Single bed slits aka horizontal “button holes” 11/16 “Buttonholes” and “make many – increase” “lace” 5/15 hand-knit CABLE STITCHES A return to plaiting and double bed hand transfers 5/23 Visualizing … Continue reading The start of a blog index

Single bed tuck and slip stitch fabrics 1

The main difference between the 2 stitch types is that in tuck stitch the strand of yarn on the non-selected needle is held in the hook of the needle forming a loop, while in slip stitch the strand of yarn bypasses the non-selected needles as the row is knit, forming floats between stitches Symbols commonly … Continue reading Single bed tuck and slip stitch fabrics 1