Revisiting knit “bubbles” brother KM

Sometimes months or even years go by before I revisit previous posts. As I review the information, it may occur to me to think about it further, and /or to present it in a slightly different way. I find it hard to believe how much time has passed since got published.  Here is another way … Continue reading Revisiting knit “bubbles” brother KM

“Camino” bubbles, hand knit

I was written an email asking about the possibility of creating bubbles in hand knitting, this is my attempt, may serve as a starting point for DIY. Below a small sample serves as an illustration of my first attempt. It was knit in acrylic,  steamed to the point of death, but shows the type of … Continue reading “Camino” bubbles, hand knit

A bubbles cousin

This is a Superba drop stitch fabric, using the same principles as those in the last post, with a rib stitch outlining the alternating drop stitch shapes on the purl side directions from the manual I my knit sample the ribber does all the knitting every row and patterning is accomplished on the main bed, … Continue reading A bubbles cousin

More knit bubbles

The topic of “those bubbles” has recently turned up again on ravelry, where another forum member (Tanya /It MakesYou Smile) had come across a russian video by Anna Kovin, with results that closely resembled those in the blue sweater and blankets pictured in my previous post, and poses a great solution for knitting the alternating, same … Continue reading More knit bubbles

Knit bubbles and “stitch ditchers/dumpers”

I encountered a photo of a commercial sweater not too long ago while knit surfing the web and a bubble blanket available at Nordstrom’s during 2012 I had already been considering laces other than transfer ones for yarns that have been too crotchety to knit in that particular technique, and my Passap has been knitting … Continue reading Knit bubbles and “stitch ditchers/dumpers”

Drop stitch lace using Ayab software 2/ HoP

At the start of 2018, I wrote a long post on creating drop stitch lace using ayab software and some of the techniques required to produce the fabric. Since then the software has been updated including several new features and among them the heart of pluto HoP color separation for executing multiple colors per row dbj, … Continue reading Drop stitch lace using Ayab software 2/ HoP

Knitting with “unusual” fibers/ elastic 1

Decades ago UKI used to offer 92 colors in a 3M elastic, and for some time lots of folks were experimenting with using it as the second color in fair isle. A company now defunct called Impresario used to even sell pattern books for garments using the technique, with the no stretch ground yarns creating … Continue reading Knitting with “unusual” fibers/ elastic 1

Blistered stitches dbj

Some of my previous posts on double bed fabrics with designs creating pockets in both one and two colors: quilting-on-the-knitting-machine-1/ quilting-on-the-brother-km-2-solid-color-back-dbj/ revisiting machine knit quilting  quilting using ayab software A review of some of the terms used in describing fabrics with raised designs in various patterns: blistered fabrics: two rows of the main color are … Continue reading Blistered stitches dbj

Fair isle variations

Work in progress A previous post shares information on gauge swatches and testing yarn for them. These are random FI samples from my collection, most from my teaching days. None of them were ever intended for use in finished product. They were knit to illustrate some of the possibilities for the different techniques using each of … Continue reading Fair isle variations

Revisiting drop / release stitch lace 1

Hand knitters may be familiar with drop-stitch patterns where the yarn is wrapped multiple times around the knitting needle, followed by knit stitch(es). On the next row, when the wrap is reached, the extra wraps are dropped off the needle, and the remaining single loop is knit in a regular manner. On the knitting machine … Continue reading Revisiting drop / release stitch lace 1